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I like travelling around and making friends in both the physical world and the digital world. If we have not already met in real life, you can find me on Facebook, Linkedin, and Flickr.

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Personal . Readings

I love reading all kinds of books: philosophy, literature, history, technology...and Japanese comic books! I like Aristotle's pragmatism, Kant's self-discipline, Tolstoy's wisdom, and Mark Twin's shrewdness. But more importantly, here are some links of my favorite Japanese comics (and author) that I would like to share with you:

Ouke no Monshou -- Daughter of the Nile

And here are some books that I am currently reading:

Designing the Moment  by Robert Hoekman
Emotional Design  by Donald Norman
Leonardo's Laptop  by Ben Shneiderman
Windows and Mirrors  by Jay David Bolter and Diane Gromala

Personal . Music

From classical music to pop and hip hop, from Western music to Asian music, from Tchaikovsky to A.R.Rahman, I like a diverse flavor of music. Every great piece of music touches a corner of our soul. Every style of music grants us a new personality. In the realm of music, there is no language barrier, nor discrimination; there is only the vital extract of humanity.

Share the moments with me onYouTube.

Personal . Sports

Table Tennis (I was a member of MIT Table Tennis Team.)
Basketball (It used to be my excuse for gathering with tall people on Friday evenings.)
Running (All my childhood sport awards were from this.)
Chess (Yes I consume much oxygen while playing, so it counts)

Personal . Cooking

There is an old Chinese saying:民以食为天. Below are some evidence that I am Chinese:

Personal . Miscellaneous

Coming soon...