About Me

Cogito, ergo sum. / Je pense donc je suis.
           ---Rene Descartes

Hi, I am Li Bian. Welcome to my personal website!

I am currently a Research Assistant at MIT Media Lab, Information Ecology Group, Camridge, MA, USA.  Previously, I studied Interaction Design in Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the Danish Design School, Denmark. I graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in June 2008, with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I have worked on Project Touchstone in the Software Agents Group and Project TaPuMa in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab. In my internship experience, I have worked in Microsoft India Development Center's Emerging Market Sector on education and in Microsoft Research Asia's (Beijing) HCI Group on green technology. 

I have a strong passion in technology and design, and I believe in the power of creation when technology and design are combined. I also love philosophy and literature; my favorite philosophers are Aristotle and Kant. In free time I enjoy writing poems and playing sports.

I came to the United States from China in September 2001. My hometown in China is “travelling”, as it was a frequent journey back and forth across the country. I have lived in India for total six months in various urban and rural areas.  I also lived in Denmark for nine month for my design studies. At present, I am back to MIT Media Lab for new technology/design adventures.

Attached are my resume and portfolio in pdf format.  Me on YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr.